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Turn Your taxable IRA into a Tax-Free Benefit for Anyone

The IRS is looking forward to taking their portion of your IRA. Even if you plan on using your IRA as little as possible. At age 70.5 all owners of IRA’s have to withdraw what is known as their “Required Minimum Distribution”. If you die and gift your IRA to a spouse, the IRS will continue to tax your money, and if you don’t have a spouse to bequeath it to, the IRS likes that even more. They’ll tax the whole amount all at once as regular income. In a situation like the latter, your IRA will be worth only abut 65% of it’s original value upon your death.

Skip the Free Meal Seminar

If you are in or near retirement you've probably received an invitation to a "Free Meal" seminar. This is where you can get a free piece of chicken or steak and then you watch a slide show about all the latest financial products...yawn...

We've taken all the hastle out. You can skip the "Free Meal Seminar" and save yourself the agony. Go to

There you will find all the resources you need in order to complete an anxiety free retirement. 

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How to order your “Online Financial Second Opinion”

How to order your free online financial second opinion..see an example of our safe and proven way to fund retirement.

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