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Our goal is to change the paradigm of the general public when it comes to thinking about ways to save money and retire. As a result, in the last two market crashes, not one of our clients lost a dime of their principal or earned interest. This stands in stark contrast to stocks, mutual funds, variable annuities, bonds, real estate, and other forms of investments. Please see our Financial Insight Blog for more on this subject.

Paul Pent & Associates is a licesnsed independent agent with Allianz, Aviva, ING, Met Life, National Western, North American Co., Prudential, and many other companies. Together we bring over 45 years of combined experience. By not being employed by any of the companies we work with, we are able to accomplish an unbiased approach to searching the annuity and life insurance market for the vehicles our clients like best.

About Our Fees

Paul Pent & Associates does not charge “asset fees”. Depending on the type of account that fits our clients best we give full disclosure of the cost. We always strive to offer the least expensive way to retire.

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