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There are two parts to your pension. 

  1. State 
  2. Federal

The state part of your pension, which is meant to provide about 40% of your retirement needs is automatic but the federal part, which is intended to fill in retirement income gaps, is not. 

Many teachers don't know that for every $100 deferred from your take home pay and placed into a 403(b), $133 is saved in your name and on your behalf in a retirement account of your choosing. (example is based on the most common 25% tax bracket)

Now what? It's easy.

403(b)'s are set up at no cost to you through a third party administrator. That's where we come in. Call or e-mail us to start the process and we will explain to you your options for the federal part of your pension and you can start taking advantage of this huge benefit today.

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Paul Pent & .Associates is not employed by the state of Florida but works in conjunction and is licensed with the state (P040719) to provide suitable 403(b) plans for state employees.

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