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Alternative to Low 5yr CD Rates


The 5 Year CD Rates are hovering at about 1.69% according to At the time of this posting I can't think of any good reason to buy a 5yr CD. There is a much better alternative.

There is a 5yr FIA with an "A" Rated company that will keep your money from market risk and pays interest based on the Barklay's Capital Bond Index. In the last 5 years it returned 4.74%, 1.64%, 5.4%, 3.3%, and 4.72%. On top of this interest, owners have 10% liquidity each year. You can't do that with a CD. On top of this liquidity benefit, the account is tax deffered. This means you won't be getting a 1099 each year and owing taxes on the annual growth, further depleating your annual return, until distribution.

For your free report and brochure on this 5 year product with no upfront sales charges (100% of your premium is credited to your accumulation value when your contract is issued), e-mail us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Also be sure to ask us how this type of savings is guaranteed and/or insured.

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