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Many people who bought long term care insurance were shocked when they found out their premiums were going up. To make it worse, industry insiders acted like it was okay. See this article from

Fortunately there is a much better alternative...





Why choose Lincoln MoneyGuard® Reserve Plus?


Because, unlike traditional long-term care insurance, your premiums will never increase. Your policy will also help protect your assets, your family, and your financial independence.

Benefits no matter what the future holds

  1. What if I need long-term care?
    You'll be reimbursed for qualified long-term care expenses. There's no deductible or waiting period.
  2. What if I don't need long-term care?
    Your policy provides an income tax-free death benefit2.
  3. What if I change my mind?
    Lincoln MoneyGuard® Reserve Plus has a money back guarantee, through the Enhanced Surrender Value Endorsement (ESVE) available at issue on all single premium policies and flexible premium policies for ages 35–65. The amount received will be adjusted for any benefits paid and/or any loans and withdrawals, it may have tax implications. See Endorsement for complete terms and conditions.

A smarter alternative to self-insuringSM

You can avoid taking on all the risks of self-insuring and having to decide which assets to sell first should the need for long-term care arise. You'll get more for your long-term care dollar with benefits much greater than your premium. And inflation protection options can help you keep pace with rising LTC costs.

As a universal life insurance policy with optional long-term care benefit riders1, LincolnMoneyGuard® Reserve Plus helps you leverage assets so you get more for your long-term care dollars.

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Alternative to LTC Insurance Video: Click Here.

More advantages with Lincoln MoneyGuard® Reserve Plus:

  • Income tax-free death benefit
  • Tax-advantaged long-term care benefits 3
  • Choice of care setting for all levels of care
  • International benefits

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