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How to Survive ObamaCare: Workshop

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Thursday, April 18th at 11am, Paul Pent & Associates will be hosting a 60 minute workshop packed full of great insight and information for those that want to survive the coming tidal wave of Obama Care.

Make no mistake about it. It's coming. The Affordable Care Act will effect you. Come join us for this free workshop on how you and your loved ones' can best prepare for the financial decisions that lay ahead. Topics include:


  1. What does this mean for medicare?
  2. New Taxes and Fines
  3. New Long Term Care Solutions
  4. How to Opt Out of the Mess
  5. Shortages
  6. Who benefits?
  7. The Expansion of Medicaid and How it Will Effect You?


Large Conference Room

7791 Belfort Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 

To reserve your spot, e-maill us: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call us at 1-877-797-7285

see our map at office, for directions.

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