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Surviving the Next Market Crash

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Join us for this free one hour workshop and discover how to use annuities with no sales charges to sidestep the next market crash for any savings, retirement plan, or IRA.  
With every brokerage firm offering annuities for retirement, have you ever wondered which ones are the best? Now you can see them compared side by side by an independent and licensed agent. Complimentary lunch provided by Chic-Fil-A 
 Other Topics: 
1. How to get out of low interest or risky retirement accounts. 
2. How to turn your IRA into a tax-free gift to your heirs. 
3. Why a volatile market should work in your favor and not leave you full of anxiety.
4. How to trade your existing annuity for something better.
5. The realities of market risk and why it's never in your favor. 
May 15th at 12 pm
Pinnacle Financial Building 
7792 Belfort Parkway 
Jacksonville, Fl. 32256
Call or e-mail to reserve your seat: 904-460-1100
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This is great advice before nextcoming rush. Thanks for post!

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