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We talked about this chart on the radio show this week and last. It speaks for itself. Fixed Indexed annuities won the war of return of investment plus there was no market risk involved.

also included is the performance of some "high performing" mutual funds I run into quite a bit because they have been grossly over promoted over the last 20 years. Basically, they have returned about 0% for the last decade.

Suppose you are a 65 year old man and you would like to make sure your wife will have at least $1,000,000 to live on and give to your children upon your death. An extremely inefficient way to do this would be to hold the money in CD's or investments. The best way to pass 1 milliion dollars tax free to your beneficiaries is through a permanent life insurance contract and possibly a Life Insurance Trust. For this article let's just look at how the life insurance numbers break down:

This is a bitter sweat moment for me. Up to this point, Smart Money magazine has done nothing but feed the public with false information about fixed and fixed indexed annuities. Now, they seem to be coming around and I'll be sad if they stop providing us with so much fodder for our radio show. Of course this is purley selfish so I must say, "Welcome to the club, Smart Money." Annuities are a great way to save for retirement. If only they had figured it out a little earlier, so many that listened to their advice wouldn't have lost so much money for their clients.

Here's the link to the article we've been talking about  for the last couple of weeks...Smart Money

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