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60 Minutes is Catching Up


We've been talking for sometime about hidden risk in bonds and bond funds that became popular after the crash of 2008. Suprisingly, many think it is impossible to lose money when invested in bonds. If you hold tax free municipal bonds or bonf unfds you will be interested in this story 60 minutes did a couple of weeks ago called, "State Budgets: Day of Reconing." You can see it at the 60 Minutes website.

Annuity Expenses


Have you ever heard that annuities are too expensive to use for retirment planning? Me too, and you know what? Some are. That's why it's wise to shop around when considering annuities for retirement. If shopped properly, annuities can be the least expensive way to retirement plan. A good article on this subject can be found at annuity digest called, Breaking-Down the Annuity Expense Criticism. Check it out...

Welcome WFOY AM 1240 in St. Augustine


Yes, we've syndicated our show. If you have missed us on Saturdays make sure to listen for us now on WBOB AM 600 in Jacksonville on Wednesday's from 5-6pm. Also, St. Augustine can hear us on Thursday's from 6-7pm WFOY AM 1240.

New Station New Time


Finance, Faith, and Philosophy is moving and we are syndicating our show so heads up! We love everybody at WOKV but have to move on...Beginning Wednesday, November 3rd we will be on Talk Radio AM 600 WBOB, 5-6 live during rush hour traffic.

Stay tuned for other stations and times in St. Augustine and Orlando.

OOPS…I’m living to be 100


It should be a positive thing to live to age 100. Unfortunately, those that retired at age 65 have the challenge of funding their retirements for longer than they planned. Here's a good article that addresses the "problem" of financing longevity.

Increase or decrease in the surrender charge of the life insurance policy or annuity contract depending on the current financial markets. The Cash Value is adjusted upward if the policy interest rate is greater than the current interest rate on new money and thus, if interest rates decline after the insurance policy or annuity contract purchase date, the surrender charge becomes less than that exhibited. Conversely, the cash value is adjusted downward if the policy interest rate is less than the current interest rate on new money and thus, if interest rates rise after the insurance policy or annuity contract purchase date, the surrender charge becomes greater than that exhibited.

Ten Myths That Just Won’t Die


I can't tell you how many times people come into our offices and think they make about 10% annually on their investments. After looking a little closer, what they usually see in their returns tells a little different story. One year they'll make 10% but the next year they'll lose 12%. What our brains rememeber though, is the gain and not the loss.

The Wall Street Journal has done a good piece in reference to this myth and some others all should see.

You may like him and you may not. Most people don't have an opinion of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, but guess what? He takes some of our advice. Ben Bernanke has between $500,000 and $1,000,000 dollars in fixed annuities.

Lawsuit Proof Fixed Indexed Annuities


Anybody can get sued for negligence and lose even when they may not have made a mistake. One mistake with no excuse...having retirement assets parked in an account that is attacheable by creditors or exposed to judgements. In the state of Florida fixed indexed annuities with surrender penalties fall under the same protection as homestead exemption.

Death Taxes are Voluntary


Death Taxes, also known as estate taxes are coming back. The U.S. Government needs money and they figured out the Amercan public doesn't care about their money as much once they are dead. How do you like that? You pay taxes on everything while you are living but once you die Uncle Sam can take up to 55% of your total assets.

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