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We are so certain we can increase your income and the growth of your current retirement account, we invite you to take our challenge. How it works: E-mail us at  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  or call at 904-540-4913 and take the challenge on the phone or in person. Following is the list of questions we will talk about:

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How prepared are you financially? The options for saving for your future can be intimidating, not to mention complex. At Paul Pent & Associates our insurance and financial professionals have the expertise to help you assess where you are now and simplify what decisions need to be made today to help you achieve your short and long term goals.

Here are some of the Financial tools we use to help you safely and wisely save for retirement:

Finance, Faith, & Philosophy & Ransomed Radio

Get to know us through our radio show every week. Our goal is to secure your finances, strengthen your faith, and question your philosophy. Listen to our show every week.

Provide Income Tax Free Inheritance & Retirement

When interest rates go down, homeowners know it is a wise decision to shop for a lower mortgage rate, but what most people don't know...they should do the same with their life insurance. If it has been 2 or more years since you've had a policy review, it's possible you could qualify for a lower premium or higher benefit. We have the lowest cost permanent life insurance (Life policies without complicated and expensive internal investments). We shop dozens of life companies in order to bring you the most coverage at the lowest fixed price. Contact us for a free no-risk quote.

Separate Your Retirement From Market Volatility

We shop over 4000 types of indexed accounts to bring to you the best performers while avoiding the “rip-offs”.

Guarantee The Highest Pay-Out From Your Retirement for Life

We shop for the highest pay-outs from the strongest companies.

Creditor Proof Retirement Accounts

Through individual state laws our clients don’t ever have to worry about being sued and losing their hard earned money. Make sure your retirement accounts have the same protection as your homestead exemption. (Protection varies by state. Ask us about your state for details.)

Long Term Care Insurance and Alternatives

Their are two huge problems with Long Term Care. It's very expensive and you may never use. Now you can explore much better alternatives to Long Term Care Insurance. Call us to find out how you can convert an assett into Long Term Care if needed and keep your money or gift it to a beneficiary if you don't need it.

Life Insurance Trusts

Estate Taxes (Death Taxes) are always looming on the horizon for high net worth individuals and couples. Fortunately, with a little planning they can be completely avoided through the proper structuring of a Life Insurance Trust. Let us help you preserve the legacy you have worked so hard to build and avoid the death tax.

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